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Program Benefits

Access to Partners & Investors within Our Network

After the intensive program, we will guide and work with founders from naming the company, structuring the company properly, setting up necessary legal paperwork, to answering common questions that founders may have. More importantly, we will coach founders to prepare a pitch deck and to present their startups to potential investors, and to close the deals with the investors.

Access to Our Network of Mentors and Advisers

We will introduce founders to potential partners within our network to help grow their startups. Also, the founders can access to professionals to help with their mobile apps, websites, marketing and sales strategy, as well as legal and accounting advice. With their back-end departments in good hand, the founders can focus on turning their ideas and dreams into reality.

Access to Our Premium Training Program

This intensive program is focused on bringing out the best in entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the game of business and family life. Participants will gain key insights, knowledge, and skills that will enable them to impact the growth of their companies by knowing how to structure and operate their companies professionally, efficiently, and compliantly.

Access to Funding

Our program will help founders structure and operate their companies professionally and efficiently. The program will help the founding team to develop the business plan and reach the company milestones, which in turn attract funding from potential investors such as angel, venture capitalist, and private equity.

Everything starts with a single decision

  1. Fill out the application form.

  2. Go through the interview stage

  3. If you meet the criteria, you will join the FYT101 program.


  • Unlocking full human potential. How to find, activate, and utilize this hidden trait to impact the personal and professional life, living the “Human World” and overcoming the “Beast World”.

  • Finding the “Core Values” and the “Core Purposes” of life and business, understanding and assessing human capital vs financial capital.

  • Understanding the difference between the heart, mind, body, and the spiritual being.

  • Understanding the difference and similarities between IQ, EQ, and AQ and knowing which one to activate when.

  • Deep-dive into corporate finance, corporate structure, financial modeling and best practices in financial management to gain trust and confidence from investors.

  • Learn and practice on how to draft share structures, shares pricing, shares earnings, share value, shares dilutions, and P/E.

  • Building business models that last for generations.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge and understanding into the IPO framework.

  • Participate in a hands-on project on how to develop deep (and not wide) business strategies.

  • Learning business modeling, monetization, and designing a more bankable, not just feasible, company.

  • Learn business strategy, business modelling, business positioning, opportunity costs, and business remodeling.

  • Learn how to become an effective and high performing that can influence high achieving teams.

  • Deep-dive into the Financial Statement 101 for C-Suite Executives.

  • Understanding asset and liability framework.

  • Understanding the balance sheet and profit and loss.

  • Cash flow, equity, ROE, and ROI.

  • Product pricing

  • Deep-dive into your company’s KPIs.

Day 5
  • Setting SMART Goals.

  • Setting a roadmap to achieving your goals.

  • Personal mentoring and coaching.

  • Forum training and mapping a life-long learning journey.

  • Peer-to-peer learning with other motivated enterpreneurs.

  • Board Member Leadership roles and responsibilities.

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